Christine Gibson

christine gibson
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Bachelor’s, Hospitality Management

New York City College of Technology, CUNY

For many years I have worked in the hospitality field, starting from a commi waitress at Sandy Lane Hotel where I learned what hospitality meant. Because of the training on the floor and in the dining room, I was able to grow in my experience and my knowledge.

I became passionate about serving others and was rewarded by their complements towards me and the recommendations made to my manager about me. This encouraged me to pursue my knowledge and to learn about different areas in the hospitality field. I moved from Sandy Lane and went on to Turtle Beach, Divi Southwinds and lastly, Hilton Barbados Resort.

In moving to these establishments, I went from commi waitress to food and beverage server/ bartender to executive lounge server, captain and my last post was guest service/ communication agent. This path allowed me to meet several people from different walks of life who also recommended me to management and internationally through Trip Advisor, praising me for the work that I have done.

As a single mother of four I believe that I am eligible for this scholarship because I know its value. Gaining this scholarship will allow me to complete my Bachelor Degree which I have started and will allow me to see my aspiration of owning  a restaurant become a reality. I also believe that I am eligible because of my passion and creativity in helping others to excel in the hospitality industry which is important to my country.

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