Chevany Lewis

Chevany Lewis
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BSc. Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management

School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

University of Technology Kingston, Jamaica

After receiving the CTO Study Grant, I was able to attend and complete the first year of my studies at the University of Technology. I made new friends and memorable experiences while focusing on my classes. This grant also relieved my parents of the financial burden caused by university fees for that academic year.

I am honored to be a recipient because this shows that all my hard work and dedication have paid off and it proved to me that good comes to those that work for it. It also motivated me to work even harder in the future so that I could become a scholarship/grant recipient from the CTO Foundation or another organization.

I am pleased to inform you that as a result of my GPA (3.76) for semester 1, I was selected for the prestigious Dean’s List Award for outstanding academic achievement. I am extremely thankful for the CTO study grant because this would not have been possible if I didn’t receive the grant. The study grant is what motivated me to do my best in every module that I did and I plan to continue doing so.

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity and I promise to continue like this for the remaining three years of my course.

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