Ann-Marie Black Brooks

Ann-Marie Black Brooks
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Black Brooks
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

BA in Travel & Tourism Management, Thames Valley University, London, UK

MSc. International Marketing Management, University of East London, UK

The CTO Scholarship Foundation has been a great contribution towards my overall professional development. I was awarded a Scholarship from the CTO Foundation in 2004 and 2007. In 2005, I successfully completed a BA degree with Upper Class Hons in Travel & Tourism Management at Thames Valley University, London; and in 2007, a MSC in International Marketing Management with merit at the University of East London.

I am enormously appreciative of the financial assistance received from the CTO Foundation.  Tourism and Marketing have always been my passion and working as an ambassador for the Caribbean region is one of the best accolades I have achieved.

It’s satisfying to know that there are institutions within the region helping Caribbean nationals accomplish their ambitions to develop the necessary human resource competences needed for the region.

The CTO Foundation Scholarship was an investment in myself and the future of Caribbean tourism. Thanks to the CTO Foundation for their generous support.

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