Brent Piper

Brent Piper
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Trinidad and Tobago

BSc., Computer Science
Howard University 
Washington, DC, USA

It is great sincerity that I thank the Caribbean Tourism Organization Scholarship Foundation for believing in my dream of revolutionizing the Caribbean by selecting me to be the Arley Sobers Memorial Scholar of 2022.  

Coming from a humble background in California, Trinidad and Tobago, I have great appreciation for the CTO. CTO is an organization I look up to for its innovative work such as the MIST system, its research efforts, and social contributions toward Caribbean nationals.
As a new addition to that extensive list of Caribbean nationals assisted by the CTO Foundation’s generosity, I promise to utilize this opportunity to become a forerunner in technologically developing tourism in the Caribbean. This grant would push me further in covering extenuating balances associated with my cost of attendance, therefore enabling me to pursue my course of study.

I hope to utilize my education at Howard University to develop tourism in the Caribbean. It is my dream for my nation to diversify more into tourism sustainably and grant communities renewed cultural unity and economic development. This dream extends beyond Trinidad’s shores to the greater Caribbean region. 

I look forward to partnering with CTO upon completing my studies to assist in developing tourism sustainably within the Caribbean region.  


Year of Scholarship