How We Are Funded

The CTO Foundation generates funds by developing partnerships with major players in Caribbean tourism as well as through its own fund-raising efforts. Some of these partnerships have included American Airlines, Travel Agent Magazine, American Express and the CTO Chapters, and in more recent times there has been strong and ongoing support from Interval International, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, JetBlue, LIAT and continued support from the CTO chapters globally, plus a few generous one time donors.

The regular fund-raising activities include silent auctions, raffles, cocktail functions, etc. The Foundation also looks at creative ways of raising funds which have included:

  1. The creation of “The Caribbean Cocktail” booklet which showcased flavourful and unique cocktail concoctions from bartenders across the region.
  2. A CD “Love the Music” was produced by Ryff Music LLC. The CD includes a roster of the Caribbean’s well respected artists including: Dollarman (Grenada), Singing Melody (Jamaica), Kamau Georges (British Virgin Islands), KB (Bahamas), Dudley (Bermuda), Aloe Blacc (Panamanian), Lazo (Dominica), Fae Simon (Carriacou and Jamaica), Adrian Dutchin (Guyana) and Jovi Rockwell (Jamaica).

Producers that contributed to the project include Albert ‘Dvo’ Desilva (Guyana), Herbert Alexander (USVI), Kamau George (BVI), Max Tannone (USA) and several other talented Caribbean musicians.

Other fundraising activities have included Caribbean Masquerade evenings of fun and music in New York and Miami and selling artwork of Caribbean artistes who then donate part of their earnings to the Foundation.

The Board has also been able to attract individuals who come from influential regional and international companies who use their reach and talent to create opportunities for fund-raising. The Foundation’s past beneficiaries are also a group that the Foundation reaches out to for contributions and support in the near future.

Major Foundation Sponsors