Nyssa Pierre

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Trinidad and Tobago

Destination Management Graduate Certificate

Temple University

Receiving a scholarship from the Foundation is truly an honour. I am certain there were many applicants from across the region, all of whom would have brought a different focus and individual missions. To be recognized as someone from a non traditional “tourism” island like Trinidad and Tobago but with a vision to contribute to and grow both our local and regional industry is truly special feeling 

For me, it means that someone was willing to take a chance on me. I have worked in the periphery of tourism for years with various projects and personalities, but never had professional immersion in a ministry or special purpose state company, for example. In spite of that, I think my passion for brand Trinidad and Tobago transcended that fact and the Foundation thought It was worthy of investment. It means that I will be equipped with the tools to make a difference to the industry, particularly to sustainable and resilient tourism models and to effective marketing of our products. Trinidad and Tobago is in need of economic diversification and I truly believe a more measured, strategic approach to our tourism product is a major way forward. 

The scholarship will directly offset the costs of tuition at Temple University. The Destination Management Graduate Certificate is exciting with a broad scope in focus. It is taught by impressive faculty and I’m thrilled to have to opportunity to learn from them.

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