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Timothy Williams
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Certificate in Hotel Real Estate Investments & Asset Management

Cornell University | New York, USA

I was awarded a CTO Foundation Study Grant to study for a Certificate in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management.  This is a course which I had been eyeing for some time looking for how best I could afford it.  I had previously looked into a number of Masters programmes but did not see one with the particular specialization that combined my passions for Hotels, Real Estate and Investments.  It is important that I always continue to learn and grow, but since leaving University years ago, it’s been most important that I now learn what I want to learn as opposed to many courses which are not of interest to me.  Additionally, time and location were important factors as I was not in a position to take an extended time away from work to attend school in another country; this became an even more pressing concern when I found out that my then girlfriend, now Wife was pregnant.  A certificate course which allowed me to focus in on something unique and challenging was the perfect solution.

This course proved to be everything I expected and more, with diverse classmates from all over, the Middle East, China, Germany, Switzerland, Africa; the list goes on.  I was fortunate to be the only Caribbean national in my batch.  Each brought their own unique perspectives and levels of experience which ranged from department managers, right up to General Managers,  Senior Executives and Hotel Owners.  Many of them were just looking for Certification to skills which they already had some knowledge of.  Some, like myself, were learning for the first time, seeking to gain a breadth of understanding to enhance their careers and set themselves apart.  I soaked up the knowledge, enjoying every bit of it, and all the while thinking about how to best apply my new found knowledge.

Prayers were answered when while I was doing the course, I was approached to assist in a Hospitality venture in which I was able to exercise some of the technical skills which I had learned.  I worked with a property owner to profitably run her short term rental property.  Though not a hotel , the same principles applied for Short Term Rentals.  This happy accident has inspired me to fast track one of my goals to start my Hospitality Consultancy which I aim to register this year.  I continue to gain a wider scope of Hotel Operations where I am applying information and making connections to what we do on a daily basis within the Hotel business.  Had CTO Foundation not taken a chance one me by assisting with funding my endeavour, this may not have come to pass.  I thank the CTO Foundation for their consideration and support and am eternally grateful for allowing me the opportunity to begin making a lasting contribution to the Hotel Sector.  Thank You CTO!


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