Monique Jacob-Ducler

Monique Jacob-Ducler
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Certificate Programme 

Principles of Marketing Research

University of Georgia Athens, GA

I come from a home where education is a pivotal part of life, and we were encouraged to learn as much as possible. I chose Tourism as my undergraduate major over Business Administration and through studying Tourism Management, and the right internship experience, I was brought to my current career path in Marketing Research & Statistics.  I’ve always liked math and working with numbers but this field gives the numbers a purpose and I am making a different contribution to Tourism Development.

Tourism and Research represent my passions and I gravitate to learning and advancing my knowledge and capabilities in both.  I already had practical knowledge and some professional and academic training in research for tourism applications; however I wanted to my expand knowledge into a wider range of marketing research applications.  In 2008, I began looking for courses and programmes in marketing research.  The CTO’s announcement of the Arley Sobers Memorial Scholarship came approximately three months after I found the ideal certificate programme in Principles of Marketing Research offered through the University of Georgia.  I was decided on the programme, but was unable to fully fund the required costs without assistance.  Today, I am almost at the end of the eighteen month programme and I already feel the benefits of the coursework as I apply them to my day to day duties.

Receiving the first Arley Sobers Memorial Scholarship afforded me the opportunity to take my professional and personal development one step closer to my ultimate goal.  I am a most grateful recipient.

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