Janelle Taylor

Janelle Taylor
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BSc. in Tourism Management

University of the West Indies Centre for Hotel & Tourism Management

Nassau, Bahamas

I am writing in appreciation of the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Foundation study grant received in September 2010 in the amount of US$2,500.   I was extremely honoured to be a recipient of the grant.

The grant literally saved my life.   For two years, my parents struggled to pay my tuition.   I explored various prospects, but none materialized.  Eventually, the Caribbean Tourism Organization Foundation, Inc. rescued me from this predicament by awarding me a study grant.

Mark Twain once said “There is no security in life, only opportunity”.  Acquiring the grant was one such opportunity to assist me in completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism Management.

I sincerely believe that without the grant, I would have been forced to postpone my studies.  The tuition was the most costly expense and the grant covered a substantial amount, leaving an affordable sum to be paid.

Thanks to the grant, a major financial burden had been lifted.  The generous contribution made towards my tuition enabled me to use whatever available financial resources I had to survive the academic year.

Attending a University in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas was financially challenging in every respect; especially for a student hailing from a less privileged background.  The cost of living is exceptionally high in The Bahamas and the mere fact that the Jamaican currency values almost nothing there, made it even more difficult for me to cope.   However, not having to bear the entire tuition fee made it easier for me to endure the hardships of student life in a foreign country.

On November 05, 2011, I was awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism Management with First Class Honours. This was an integral step in achieving my career goal to be a part of the management team in the development of sustainable tourism in the Caribbean or to manage any hospitality and tourism-related organization.

Once again, please accept my sincere gratitude for considering me to be worthy of a study grant. Without donors like you, I would never have been able to pursue the career of my dreams.

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