Keisha Springer

Keisha Springer
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Master of Science in Tourism & Events Management

The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados

If not for the generous opportunity of receiving a scholarship from the CTO Foundation, I would not have been able to get started on my career goals. I would not have been able to commence my Masters’ degree. I would not have been able to experience and take part in the courses I did to further my education. I would not have been able to have the opportunity to meet other students who have now become life-long friends who assisted me throughout my studies. I would not have been able to meet those determined and helpful lecturers who have molded and guided me on the path to success. I would not have been able to be prepared for the world of work and finally I would not be able to say I have a M.Sc. in Tourism and Events Management and I am forever truly grateful. THANK YOU!

To be a CTO scholarship recipient:  

  • It means being forever grateful to the persons who took their time and money and contributed to those in need to further their education.
  • It means being able to finally have the opportunity to pursue your dreams and being able to get started on your career.
  • It means that you are one of the blessed few and you should not take that for granted and be the best you can ever be!

I am currently employed as a Communication Officer at Lyrical Lava PR in Barbados. My major responsibilities are media monitoring for clients, completing daily media reports, press release writing and developing media alerts.

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