Sherma Roberts

Dr Sherma Roberts
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MSc. Tourism Planning & Development

University of Surrey, UK

I remember flying to Barbados to attend an interview at the Caribbean Tourism Organization Headquarters.

On that same day, the five interviewees, four of whom now possess doctoral degrees, were given CTO scholarships to pursue our dreams. I went off to the University of Surrey, England in 1999 and graduated with distinction - M.Sc. Planning and Development. This degree opened so many doors for me!! I had three offers to pursue full and partial PhD scholarships but in the end settled at Brunel where I did a doctorate which focused on Sustainable Tourism Development.

I continue to be passionate about Caribbean tourism and my contribution to its development is being made at several levels - tourism policy and planning, education, and public engagement. I really am very thankful to the Caribbean Tourism Organisation for investing in me and for their continued support and interest in my professional development. One of the best things about this entire encounter is that my fellow interviewees are now my lifelong friends!!!

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