Antonia Pierre-Hector

Antonia Pierre-Hector
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BSc, Tourism and Hospitality Management, First Class Honours
The University of the West Indies Open Campus
Roseau, Dominica

It is my pleasure to inform you that I have graduated from the University of the West Indies Global Campus attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management, with First Class Honors and a degree GPA of 4.02.

A significant portion of my success must be attributed to the support received from the Caribbean Tourism Organization (C.T.O.) through its C.T.O. Scholarship Foundation and I wish to express my deepest gratitude.

The financial contributions received through the awards of the Bonita Morgan Memorial Scholarship in 2020 and the Blue Group Media Award in 2022 were significant in defraying the costs associated with my program. This gave me the impetus to excel at my studies.

Therefore, I wish to make myself available to participate in initiatives geared at promoting the Scholarship Foundation or any of the CTO’s other tourism development programs. 

I desire to contribute meaningfully to the management, development, and advancement of the tourism industry within my island Dominica, and throughout the region. The knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired have expanded my vision and ignited a passion to marry education with strategic action so my island, and the region can fully benefit from its competitive advantages in tourism. Thus, I stand ready to assist the CTO in all its endeavors.

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