Nikisha Rabess

Nikisha Rabess
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Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing
The Chartered Institute of Marketing
Berkshire, UK

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, "It is today we must create the world of the future,” and thus, I am tremendously grateful to the CTO Foundation for affording me this life-changing experience of gaining such assistance to further my education. In a time when the behaviours of visitors to our region have changed drastically, this Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma equips me with insight into digital customer experiences and how our regional organisations can adapt these to our dynamic markets.

Your support and commitment to investing in the education and future of our region's human resources have expanded the opportunities available for advancement within the hospitality and tourism sector.

On behalf of myself and the many individuals who have been awarded CTO Grants and Scholarships, THANK YOU for continually granting us the financial support required to accomplish our dreams and realise our true potential, which in turn provides the key to all other successes.

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